THE BLANK BOOK GIFTED TO EVERYONE. Everyone has legacy, good or bad. But the good ones are scarce commodity. Having a good legacy is something that is easy to say but to many, difficult to attain. My legacy began the day i was born and so is yours. To me, legacy is nothing but a blank BOOK {life} handed over to each and everyone of us by GOD immediately we arrive the world, with the sole purpose of using same to document our stay here in the world. Starting from the day I was born, to the day I will breath my last, each day represent a page in my blank book. Yes, i can look back to my previous documentation. But how i wish I can go back to yesterday, or better still, delete the whole book go back to the very first day in other to re-write or start afresh my legacy. I can neither go back nor start afresh. And since nobody can document my life perfectly other than myself. It is time for me to begin to document my life in a way i want it to be and that, i can live with should i have to in my later life. Though I don’t know how many pages is left for me to write, but i will use same to document nothing but a good legacy for myself and make the world a better place than i met it…… Even if I can’t change anybody, Thank GOD i can change myself.